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download jojoy iQadha

iQadha is one of the most popular App right now,iQadha has 68186+ downloads on jojoy. iQadha 2022 has been released to version 1.1 

How to Install jojoy iQadha

1. Download jojoy apk from the  website(, then run the apk file to install jojoy

2. Open jojoy app and search for “iQadha ” , find Mods for iQadha in the search results and click “download”.

Once installed, you can experience the iQadha on your phone, and I’m sure you’ll love it. Come and download the iQadhawith Jojoy now!

Welcome to iQadha – an app for those serious about completing their owed Salah to Allah (swt)iQadha can: – Automatically calculate Qadha using our easy tool. – Track and save your Qadha Salah. – Unobtrusive interface with no photos or sounds – use it safely inside a Masjid or even on Itikaaf! – Data is stored online in our cloud – so it’s easy to recover if you lose your phone.Automatically calculate your total missed Salah using our calculator; and once you have your figures you can start making up your Salah – each time you add a Salah we deduct it from the total.iQadha has more exciting features coming soon so send us your feedback.

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